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Best Shadow Sites on the Web

The Shadow's WWW Sanctum
Good resource for information about the Shadow in his many incarnations: in pulps, comics, movie serials and--of course--radio.

The Shadow in Review
Read reviews of 325 Shadow mysteries and get more info about the character.

Jim Steranko Shadow book covers
Our own collection of Steranko's evocative Shadow cover paintings.

Best Doc Savage Sites on the Web

The 86th Floor: The Unofficial Doc Savage Web Site
Another nice roundup of information on the pulps, comics, radio show, etc. Also includes a very nice complete listing of all the pulps Bantam published in book form during the 70s and 80s. Excellently designed.
Usenet discussion fans for fans of the Man of Bronze.

Featuring information on the original pulp stories, a feature that spotlights a different Doc novel everyday, fan reviews and more.

Dr. Hermes' Reviews
Reviews of nearly every Doc adventure written, plus the Avenger and more.

Best Doctor Who Sites on the Web

Doctor Who: The Official Site
This is a good spot for Who buffs. Includes episode guides, historical information and pictures, plus info on the new Who series, Who audio adventures, DVDs of classic episodes and novelizations. See Doctor Who: The Classic Series for lots of exclusive film clips and pictures from the show's past.

Outpost Gallifrey
A very comprehensive site, featuring Doctor Who news, release dates for DVDs and books, reviews, chat, pictures and more.

Delia Derbyshire: Electronic Music Pioneer
Dig that crazy music at the start of Doctor Who? This site is dedicated to the woman who helped create it, along with much other groundbreaking electronic sound with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Features a bio, sound samples, news and interviews.

Best Flash Gordon Sites on the Web

Flash Gordon
Great historical resource on the 30s and 40s movie serials based on Alex Raymond's famed comic strip.

Flash Gordon books:

Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 1
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 2
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 3
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 4
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 5

Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 1
Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 2
Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 3
Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 4

Flash Gordon : Volume 1 : Dailies 1940-1942
Flash Gordon : Volume 2 : Dailies 1940-1942

Flash Gordon: "Mongo, the Planet of Doom"

Flash Gordon: Three Against Ming

Flash Gordon: The Tides of Battle

Flash Gordon: Fall of Ming

Flash Gordon: Triumph in Tropica

Flash Gordon movie serials on DVD

Flash Gordon Box Set: Space Soldiers, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Flash Gordon - The Purple Death from Outer Space

Flash Gordon - Spaceship to the Unknown

Flash Gordon - The Peril from Planet Mongo

Flash Gordon 1950s TV Series Vol. 1

Flash Gordon 1950s TV Series Vol. 2

Flash Gordon Animated Series

New Adventures of Flash Gordon - Complete Series

Best Fantastic Four Sites on the Web

Fantastic Four: 4 Freedoms Plaza
Very well done site dedicated to the history of the FF, latest news, a museum depicting memorabilia from the 1960s to today, and more. One of the best done superhero sites.

Fantastic Four Fluxion
A database offering plot summaries, creative team info and cover scans of selected issues in the series' run. There's also an index that provides background info on characters, occurences pertaining to the series. Pretty slick. The site concentrates on more recent issues of FF rather than the classic Lee-Kirby run, though.

Best Pulp Sites on the Web

NOTE: I've decided to re-post these "Best Pop Culture" entries from my "This is Pop!," "This is Pop Culture!" days in hopes to draw more attention to these excellent Web sites. When I launched my first site, it was meant as a directory to such resources on the Web. Over time, like the rest of those on the Internet, I wandered into daily blogging. But I still want to keep such resources as part of what Pop Culture Safari is all about, namely, finding great pop culture stuff on the Web and letting you know about it!

So stand by for lots of "Best Sites" posts, among the usual array of stuff.


The Pulp.Net
Comprehensive info on popular pulps--including the Shadow, the Spider, Doc Savage, etc.--and extensive links to additional pulps sits on the Web.

The Vintage Library
A specialty bookstore focusing on pulp fiction, vintage science fiction, vintage fantasy, horror and hardboiled.

Pulp World
Featuring a history of the pulps, pulp timeline, an examination of different genres (horror, crime, romance, sci-fi, etc.), info on pulp writers and artists and more.

Chris Kalb's Hero Pulp Web site
Information plus cover art about such pre-comics heroes as the Shadow, the Spider, Doc Savage and Operator #5. Excellent design.

Dr. Hermes' Reviews
Reviews of nearly every Doc Savage adventure written, plus the Avenger and more.

Battle Aces
An impressively designed site full of info about the pulp-age mad scientist-, zombie-, Martian- and voodoo priest-fightin' flying squadron.

Retro Novello
Stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sax Rohmer and more in PDF form.

Clark Ashton Smith - The Eldritch Dark
Dedicated to the writer/poet who was an associate of H.P. Lovecraft and a prolific author of supernatural fiction in his own right. Includes biographical information along with many short stories, poems and articles.

An Expansion of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe
An explanation of and expansion on the books of Phiip Jose Farmer, in which the sci fi author sought to link Tarzan, Doc Savage, the Shadow, James Bond and other genre heroes into a unified fictional universe.

The Pulp Gallery
Features links to many sites offering cover scans for popular pulps.

R.A. McGuire Cover Art
Showcasing the sensationalist work of the guy who supplied cover paints for a zillion pulp paperbacks, including "The Bad Blonde," "The Flesh Peddlers," "I'll Kill You Next" and "Female Convict."

Best Superman Sites on the Web

Superman Through the Ages
Very good history site examining Superman in the comics, on television and in films from the 1930s to the present. Including the "Encyclopedia of Superman" with entries on characters from the comic books and important occasions from Superman's career.

Metropolis Chamber of Commerce
Get local information on this real-life community, including details on the annual Superman Celebration.

The World's Finest

A nice site dedicated to the Warner Bros. cartoon versions of Batman, Superman and the Justice Leage, featuring news, program schedules and episode guides for "Batman: The Animated Series," "Superman: The Animated Series," "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League."

Best Tarzan Sites on the Web

Tarzan of the Internet
Info on Tarzan books; images of book covers and movie posters; complete list of Tarzan films from the 1920s to today with cast, crew infomration and plot summaries (via Internet Movie Database); alphatbetical list of all characters in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan novels; Burroughs dictionary; images from Tarzan comic strips and more.

Tarzan Online Museum
Information and cover images from Tarzan books and comics.

Tangor's ERB Mania!
Nice collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs resources with special sections dedicated to Tarzan, John Carter, etc., essays, biographical information and more.

ERBville - The Home of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Public Domain Stories
ERB's Tarzan and other works are gradually falling into the public domain. As they do, they're collected in PDF format here. A great way to track down out-of-print and hard-to-find works.

The Burroughs Bibliophiles
Dedicated to all aspects of Burroughs' published works.

Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.
Official site for the estate of Tarzan's late author.

Tarzan of the Comics
Nice guide, with lots of pictures, to Tarzan's appearances in comics over the decades.

Strange Excursions: The Dream Vaults of Opar
A collection of essays on the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Best Marvel Comics Sites on the Web

Marvel Comics: official site
The online home to the publishers of Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and more. Includes info on new releases, online comics, film and TV projects and much more.

The Marvel Chronology Project
Huge effort to document the comics' appearances of every character in the Marvel Universe and place their exploits in chronological order.

Marvel Bullpen Bulletins 1965-70
This is an archive of vintage Marvelmania. Read Stan Lee and others go hyperbolic over the House of Ideas latest releases.

The Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe
An easy-to-use guide to the inhabitants of Marvel's fictional universe. Features entries on characters famous and obscure.

Marvel Value Stamps: The Unoffical Index
Did you cut apart your precious 1970s Marvel Comics collecting those little headshot "stamps" of various superheroes? You shouldn't have, because now you can see them all here.

Marvel Characters

Avengers Assemble!
Comprehensive site dedicated to Marvel's top super team. Include the latest news about the series, scans, fan fiction plus a history of the title back to the 1960s.

The Hulk Gallery
All you want to know about the Green Goliath, including an issue-by-issue index of the comics, gallery, creator info, latest news and more. Very good.

The Immortal Thor of Asgard
Wouldst thou desire bountiful information concerning Marvel's Thunder God? Goest here. Or whatever. Index to the comics all the way back to the 1960s with cover scans, latest news, memorabilia, etc. Good stuff.

Iron Man: Advanced Iron
Online zine dedicated to ol' Shell Head. Includes fan art, historical analysis, latest news about the comics, interviews with creators. Another very well done Iron Man site is the Iron Man Armory.

Daredevil: The Man With No Fear
Features news and images from the film, an index to the comics series, info about the comic's creators, listings of graphic novels, cover images, a mailing list, message board and more.

The Silver Surfer Website
An extensive site dedicated to the philosophizin' surf dude. Includes a history of the character, news, cover gallery and index of collectibles.

The Sub-Mariner
An index of comics appearances by the sea king, along with cool cover scans back to the Golden Age.

Sersi's Loft: Home of the Eternals
Dedicated to Jack Kirby's very entertaining, underrated series of the late 70s.

Cover Scans

The Timely Comics-Atlas Cover Gallery
1940s comics cover art from the company's pre-Marvel days.

Nick Simon's Silver Age Marvel Cover Index
Huge gallery of covers from the 1960s and early 70s.

Best Comic Book Artists Sites on the Web

Information about the master cartoonist and creator of the Spirit. Also see Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Database.

Ditko Looked Up
Biographical information, collectors info, gallery, index of work on the artist/philosopher/eccentric who co-crated Spider-Man and Dr. Strange.

The Jack Kirby Collector
Web site for excellent publication dedicated to the comics artist/pioneer who drew the adventures of the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Hulk, Avengers, etc. includes extensive art galleries, news and previews of the Collector magazine.

The Monsters of Jack Kirby
An alphabetical listing with pictures of the many monsters Kirby drew for Marvel Comics.

Joe Simon
Kirby's partner and co-creator of Captain America. The site includes biographical info and information about Simon's books, including his acclaimed history, "The Comic Book Makers."

Neal Adams
Official site for one of the all-time greatest Batman artists. Take a peek at past art and present projects.

James Steranko
Guide to the groundbreaking Marvel Comics artist and comics historian. Includes art, interviews and bibliographies.

Love ForEverett
Dedicated to Golden Age greats Bill Everett, Alex Schomburg and Syd Shores with scans, history and checklists.

The Gene Colan Art Gallery
Dedicated to the great Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Dracula, Batman, etc., etc., artist, with scans, bio, mailing list and more.

The Basil Wolverton Web Site
Dedicated to the pioneering sci-fi and humor artist whose work appeared in Mad and elsewhere. Small gallery and info on books reprinting Wolverton's work.

The Frank Frazetta Gallery
Focusing on the famed comics and fantasy illustrator, with biographical information, online gallery and store.

Barry Windsor-Smith
The official site of the artist whose elegant pencilwork illustrated the old Marvel Conan, Avengers and X-Men, along with a variety of independent projects.

The Official Nick Cardy Web Site
Lots of info on and art by this Silver Age vet who did excellent work on DC's Aquaman, Teen Titans and other characters.

The Art and Life of Mort Menkin
A tribute to the Golden Age great renowned for his dramatic blacks and whites and excellent work on Johnny Quick, the Vigilante and other characters. The site includes samples of original pencils, along with some of Meskin's excellent fine art paintings.

The Krigstein Archives
The topic of a recent well-received biography published by Fantagraphics, Bernard Krigstein did groundbreaking work for the likes of EC Comics back in the 1950s. He also was an art educator and accomplished fine artist. Pay a visit here to learn why he was so great.

Matt Baker
Showcasing work by the Golden Age "good girl" artist best known for his work on the sultry Phantom Lady.

Al Feldstein
Official site of the EC Comics artist/writer/editor, now spending his time doing western landscapes and wildlife art.

The Art of M.W. Kaluta
The official site of the draftsman who did excellent work on DC's excellent Shadow adaptation, along with lots of independent work.

The Gulacy Universe
Here's the official site of excellent Master of Kung-Fu and Batman artist, Paul Gulacy.

The Official Mike Grell Website
News, art samples and info on commissions by the famed Legion of Super-heroes and Warlord artist. Oh yeah, he's into jousting (!) too and there's pictures and info about that.

The Art of Don Newton
Tribute, with lots of art, to the severely underrated Batman and Captain Marvel artist of the 70s and 80s. Man he was good.

The John Byrne Gallery
Part of the famed "X-Men," "Fantastic Four," "Superman," etc., artist's discussion board, this is a large collection of original art for his various comic book work and more.

Alan Davis
Official site of the one of the most talented super-hero artists working today. Includes news and a small (so far) gallery.

The Bruce Timm Gallery
Large selection of images by the cartoonist best-known for his work on the WB/Cartoon Network's original Batman, Superman and Justice League cartoon series.

Books on comic book artists

The Comics Journal Library

Collected Jack Kirby Collector, Vol. 1
Collected Jack Kirby Collector, Vol. 2
Collected Jack Kirby Collector, Vol. 3
Collected Jack Kirby Collector, Vol. 4
Collected Jack Kirby Collector, Vol. 5

Comic Book Artist Collection, Volume Two

Comic Book Artist Collection, Vol. 3

Modern Masters Art Adams

Modern Masters George Perez

Modern Masters John Byrne

Modern Master Jose Garcia Lopez

Modern Masters Alan Davis

Modern Masters Bruce Timm

The Art of George Tuska

Secrets in Shadows: Art of Gene Colan

The John Romita Sketchbook

Hero Gets Girl!: The Life & Art Of Kurt Schaffenberger

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

Curt Swan: A Life in Comics

The Art of Nick Cardy

The John Buscema Sketchbook

Will Eisner: A Spirited Life

Al Williamson: Hidden Lands

Classic Comics Illustrators

The Classic Pin-Up Art of Jack Cole

The Glamour Girls of Bill Ward

Comics & Sequential Art

Marvel Visionaries John Buscema

Marvel Visionaries John Romita Sr.

Marvel Visionaries Jack Kirby Vol. 1

Marvel Visionaries Jack Kirby Vol. 2

Marvel Visionaries Gil Kane

Mythology: The Superhero Art of Alex Ross

Masters of American Comics

Foul Play! : The Art and Artists of the Notorious 1950s E.C. Comics!

Best Batman Sites on the Web

Bill Jourdain's Golden Age Batman Site
Dedicated to Batman of the 1940s, 50s and early 60s. Includes a history of the Golden Age Batman, all his appearances, a list of reprints, rogue's gallery, cover art gallery and comics value calculator. There's also a mailing list.

The Gotham Gazette
Batman fan site featuring updates on new comics featuring the Caped Crusader. Information on Batman movies ande TV shows, memorabilia collecting, along with a fan art gallery. Also a newsletter.

The Original 1966 Batmobile
Dedicated to information and photos depicting the Caped Crusader's wheels from the 1960s TV series--along with models and toys of the famous auto. There's another Batmobile site here.

A super-impressive site dedicated to the Adam West TV series. Lots of pictures, info and links. Plus, a flash intro that shouldn't be skipped.

The 1966 Batman TV Tribute Site
A remembrance--with pics, episode guide and trivia--of the Adam West series.

Classic Plastick: 60s Batman Costumes
Get yourself all duded up in an authentic Adam West-style Batsuit!

How to Build a Batphone
Want a hotline to the Batcave just like Commissioner Gordon? Well, here's a fun weekend craft project for you.

The Animated Batman: An Unofficial Guide
Episode guides, background info and news focusing on the Warner Bros. animated Batman programs.

The Batman: Official Site
Official site for the Warner Bros. series that launched in 2004.

The World's Finest
A nice site dedicated to the Warner Bros. cartoon versions of Batman, Superman and the Justice Leage, featuring news, program schedules and episode guides for "Batman: The Animated Series," "Superman: The Animated Series," "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League." Part of Toon Zone.

Group: alt . animation . batman
Usenet discussion group for fans of the Warner Bros. animated Batman series.

Toy Otter
Offering a wealth of information about DC Comics action figure lines from various manufacturers. Lots of pictures.

The History of the Batmobile
Details (with pictures) of the Caped Crusader's wheels through the decades.

Batmansite: Pictures
Loads of screen shots from the Adam West series.

Who Drew Batman?
Bob Kane gets all the credit, but many (if not most) of those 40s, 50s and 60s comics credited to him were drawn by other--often, more talented--hands. Among them, greats such as Dick Sprang, Jerry Robinson, Jack Burnley, Sheldon Moldoff and others. Here's a guide to those great artists and info on how to spot their work.

Gotham Public Works: Cosplay
Dressing up like the Caped Crusader can go way beyond a mask and blue towel, as the elaborate fan costumes on display here demonstrate.

Recommended Batman Books

Batman: The Complete History
Les Daniels' history of Batman in comics, TV and film from the beginning to the present day. Lot's of nice illustrations and photos.

Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes: Batman - Volume 1
The ultimate reference to Batman from his Golden Age beginning up through the mid 60s. This is a new edition of a book first published in the 1970s. While it lacks any information after the Silver Age, it makes a wonderful companion to those DC Archives and Showcase volumes. Lots of detailed information on the series' characters and plotlines with great black-and-white art right out of the comic books.

Batman Collected
Graphic designer Chip Kidd's gorgeous visual history of Batman in pop culture--lots of Batman collectibles from throughout the years, exquisitely photographed and presented. It's a feast for the eyes.

Official Batman Batbook
A history of the 1960s Batman TV series with thorough episode guide and lots of pictures.

The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told
Highlights from the Caped Crusader's first 50 years of comic book adventures.

Batman Animated
An in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the Paul Dini/Bruce Timm Batman animated series.

Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 1
Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 2
Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 3
The collected Batworks by the artist who, with writer Denny O'Neill, brought the Caped Crusader back to his Dark Knight roots. The best, most appropriate, incarnation of Batman--he's dark, real, gritty, but still human and heroic, not the bleak fellow he became in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, Adams recolored some of these tales and the result of modern, computer colors on the Bronze Age original doesn't really mesh. Better to have left them alone. Still, these books are a much cheaper way to find these stories than buying the original comics.

Batman Strange Apparitions
The great Steve Englehart/Marshall Rodgers run on the character.

Best Action Figure Sites on the Web

News sites

Action Figure Times
The latest news on newly available figures, and a look what's coming out soon. Also check Raving Toy Maniac Action and Action Figure Insider.
Forum for those buying, selling and trading action figures of all sorts.

Toy Adz
Presenting scans of vintage advertisements for G.I. Joe, Aurora models, Hot Wheels, Corgi and much more. The ads are for sale in framed form, but the site is entertaining for browsing, not buying, too.

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Adventure Team
An in-depth look at 1970s era G.I. Joes--the big ones. The Adventure Team was introduced in 1970 when anti-Vietnam War sentiment drained the sales for Hasbro's war hero. Instead of dog tags, the new Joes were outiftted with peace symbol-like Adventure Team tags, had their choice of an array of adventurous, but non-violent vehciles. They even had "life-like" hair. The later version even had "Kung Fu Grip"! The full story is here.

G.I. Joe: Offical Site
Hasbro's official Joe site, with infomation on new and old figures, spotlights on new releases, information on the Joe collectors club and more. The Old Joe Infirmary
Is your Joe looking a tad battle scarred? Come here for resournces on how to fix him up.

Know Joe!
Informative FAQ sheet on Joe and Joe collecting.

Joe World
Information on all eras--and all sizes--of Joe: 1960s to the present.

Action Man

Action Stan: Vintage Action Man
The British answer to G.I. Joe: Information, memories and collector tips.

G.I. Joe: The Adventure Continues
Featuring fan "photo adventures" depicted 70s-era Joe toys and more.

Johnny West/Marx Toys and more

Ran's Realm presents: Johnny West--Best of the West
History and lots and lots of pictures of America's favorite plastic cowboy and his friends.

Marx Toys: Official Site
The official/commercial site of the toy company, which now specializes in reproductions of its classic action figures and play sets.


The Mego Museum
History, pictures and a marketplace dedicated to the company famed for its figures based on DC and Marvel comic book heroes, Star Trek characters, the Planet of the0 Apes and more.

Mego Central
More Mego mania, including a history of the company along with lots of info and pictures of Mego action figures.

Mego Man's World of Mego
Lots and lots of Mego action figure pics, particularly good on the superhero lines.

Major Matt Mason

The Space Station: Maj. Matt Mason H.Q.
Buzz off, Lightyear! Here's the real deal in all his rubbery glory. Lots and lots of information, including a history of the Matt Mason product line, pictures of figures, vehicles, etc., catalog ads and more. Very nicely done.


Toy Otter
Offering a wealth of information about DC Comics action figure lines from various manufacturers. Lots of pictures. Also see: The Complete Guide to Batman-related Toys.

DC Direct
Direct link to the manufacturer of DC related goodies, including toys, posters and more.

Big Jim

Big Jim Store
Sure, G.I. Joe had kung-fu grip, but Big Jim did a karate chop when you pressed his back. And he had rubbery biceps that got bigger when you bent his arms. This Italian site has lots of pictures of the Big Jim line.

Custom Action Figures

Tony's Toybox
Huge selection of pics of custom superhero action figures.

Star Wars Toys / Action Figures

Hasbro Official Star Wars Toys Site

The Star Wars Collectors Archive

Best Books About Action Figures

Star Trek movie photos

Here are some press release images for the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Trek" flick.








Pop links

Cool! Hermes Press plans to reprint those old Gold Key Comics based on Irwin Allen-produced TV shows such as "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," "The Time Tunnel" and "Land of the Giants" (No plans for "Lost in Space," though. That show was actually inspired by a Gold Key series, "The Space Family Robinson.")

The 208-page Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Complete Series Volume 1 ($49.99) is a deluxe 8.5”x11” hardcover (with dust jacket) that reprints the first eight issues of the Gold Key comic book series featuring Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane and the Seaview. The volume also includes documentary material about the TV show including production designs and information on the special effects (especially that rocking stage effect that shook the Seaview and crew during almost every episode). The comics themselves have been digitally remastered to show off the artwork to great effect—and the books featured some excellent Silver Age talents such as cover artist George Wilson and pencillers Mike Sekowsky, Don Heck, George Tuska, and Alberto Giolitti.


Jon's Random Acts of Geekery
features pics of some nice Captain Marvel collectables. If you like that, pay a visit to our own spin-off site, the DC Comics Fortress of Memorabilia for more (Captain) Marvelmania. And if you wanna see Marvel Comics memorabilia, visit our Mighty Marvelmania Museum. End of self-centered plugs.


Deal alert:


Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a display of those nice ink wash covers DC Comics used to publish back in the 1970s.


And don't miss the great selection of rare Frank Frazetta-illustrated comics up at the same site.

Halloween pop! Addams Family paperback


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween pop! Addams Family paperback


Pop links

Today's Inspiration celebrates the way cool album cover art of David Stone Martin.


Classic TV Showbiz remembers Bat-composer Neil Hefti.


A beginner's guide to grading vinyl LPs.


What sort of work goes into compiling the DC Comics Encyclopedia? Comic Book Resources as the answers.


Entertainment Weekly provides an extensive peek at the upcoming Star Trek film.




Ringo Starr explains his "no more fan mail" blowup. Still, Ringo, this is why you hire PR people. You don't just flip on your camcorder and freak out.