Friday, April 17, 2009

Pop links: Back to the Batcave! New Dylan! Kirby! Feldstein! YouTube TV! Evel Knievel!

Man, I'm just like Fred Hembeck! Not only do I have little squiggles for elbows, but I also taped the "Return to the Batcave" TV movie back in 2003 and have never watched it. Except Fred has! And he really liked it. So now I better find that video... or I could just click the YouTube links Fred has posted on his blog.


Mojo mag reviews the new Bob Dylan album.

More so than Modern Times - a good record, but (can it now be said?) one which lacked a 24-carat humdinger, a Mississippi or a Love Sick - Together Through Life is an album that gets its hooks in early and refuses to let go. It's dark yet comforting, with a big tough sound, booming slightly like a band grooving at a soundcheck in an empty theatre. And at its heart there is a haunting refrain. Because above everything this is a record about love, its absence and its remembrance.


Golden Age Comic Book Stories presents stories from 1948's Justice Traps the Guilty #6, featuring work by Jack Kirby, Al Feldstein and others.


Via Journalista: TV sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" nails what's wrong with today's superhero comics.

Penny - “Do you think my nephew would like this (comic book)?”

Sheldon - “Perfect. He just has to be familiar with Infinite Crisis, 52, Countdown, Final Crisis and the re-emergence of the multiverse.”

Penny - “What’s the Multiverse?”

Sheldon - ….exactly


YouTube has created a page for full episodes of new and old TV series, including "The Addams Family," "Star Trek," "Outer Limits" and more.


Plaid Stallions presents the 1976 Evel Knievel toy catalog. Boy, I was an Evel Knievel fan back then, him being a fellow Montanan and all. I'll never forget my disappointment seeing his rocket cycle plunge into the Snake River Canyon.

More DC Comics Wednesday Comics pics

Y'know this is starting to look like it could be really cool...

More art from DC's upcoming 12-part, weekly, tabloid-sized series featuring a whole host of characters: Batman, Superman, Hawkman and--as seen here--Metamorpho by Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred and Kamandi by Dave Gibbons and Ryan Sook.

It's an inspired idea with some great creators involved. I've always enjoyed anthology comics. Each issue will feature a one-page installment of the respective character's story.

Batman: Brave and Bold May 1 info and pics: Huntress! Blue Beetle! Black Canary!

Here's info on the May 1 episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold" on the Cartoon Network:

Kicking off 13 brand new episodes of Batman: The Brave and The Bold on Cartoon Network is an exciting new show titled "Night of The Huntress!”,

In this episode, Blue Beetle develops a crush on the slightly older and far-more-dangerous femme fatale Huntress, but there is little time for love with Baby Face busting his gang out of prison for a major heist! Watch the crowd closely during the jailbreak sequence to see some of your favorite villains including Pharaoh, Skeleton Keyes, Polecat Perkins and more!

Vintage G.I. Joe figure: Eight Ropes of Danger deep sea diver

Fantastic Voyage movie pics and posters and more

Vintage Doctor Who paperback covers pt. 6

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pop links: Banana Splits! DC's Wednesday Comics! Batman and Robin! New Hembeck from Marvel! More!

From Cool-Mo-Dee: "The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park."


Variety reports on the new "Doctor Who" production team.


Here's a preview of DC's interesting-sounding Wednesday Comics series. The weekly, tabloid-format series will feature 15 one-page stories over 12 weeks, featuring Batman, Hawkman, Superman, Metamorpho and others with scripts and art by Neil Gaiman, Michael Allred, Joe Kubert, Amanda Conner, Kyle Baker, Walt Simonson and others.

I love that new Batman logo, incidentally.


Also from DC, a peak at the cover for the second issue of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's Batman and Robin.


Here's a new "got milk" ad featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.


Fred Hembeck spotlights some of his recent/upcoming work for Marvel Comics! Way to go Fred and good on you Marvel!


Check out a 22-foot Lego battleship.


Author Micheal Chabon confirms he's done work on a "John Carter: Warlord of Mars" movie script.


More Alex Toth comics from Fortress of Fortitude. That guy could draw himself an airplane, by gum.


See a John Severin-illustrated book about explorers Lewis and Clark.