Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pop links: Hammer Horror; Kaluta; Hembeck!

Jon's Random Acts of Geekery presents a whole lotta images---posters, stills, lobby cards--from Hammer Films' "Brides of Dracula.

More Hammer Horror images.


Golden Age Comic Book Stories presents a batch of Tolkien calendar images by Micheal W. Kaluta.


Happy seventh anniversary (And Happy New Year, Fred!)

Raquel Welch publicity photos

Friday, January 01, 2010

Pop links: Future predictions; Superman; Bad Plus; Disney seals deal on Marvel

From Booksteve: Predictions for the future...from 1950!


From Geek Orthodox: Happy New Year from Superman!


Hear jazz power trio The Bad Plus live at the Village Vanguard.


Disney officially makes theirs Marvel.
Shareholders of Marvel Entertainment, the publisher of Spider-Man and the Hulk comics, on Thursday approved the company’s acquisition by the Walt Disney Company, as expected.

Batman TV show stills

A couple of cool ones from eBay.

And we're back!

Apologies for the hiatus, just adjusting to a new job and daily routines and very happy with the changes. I'll try to post semi-regularly--the usual goodies: Pop culture artifacts, news, reviews, observations, etc.