Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas greetings from TV's Batgirl Yvonne Craig





Pop culture gift guide: Notable comics collections 2011

Johnny Hazard - The Newspaper Dailies Vol. 1

Donald Duck - Lost in the Andes

Marshall Rogers - Legends of the Dark Knight

Gene Colan - Tales of the Batman

Jack Kirby - Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth Omnibus

The Art of Joe Kubert

Pogo - The Complete Daily and Sunday Strips Vol. 1

Barks Bear Book

Sugar and Spice Archives

Steve Ditko Omnibus Vol. 1

Genius Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth

Alex Toth - Setting the Standard

Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol. 1


Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson Volumes 1 and 2

Captain America Omnibus Vol. 1 - Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Captain America by Jack Kirby Omnibus

Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus

Pop culture gift guide: CDs of note 2011

Rolling Stones - Some Girl Deluxe Edition

Rolling Stones - Some Girls Box Set

The Who - Quadrophenia Director's Cut

The Who - Quadrophenia Deluxe Edition

Beach Boys - Smile Sessions

Beach Boys - Smile Sessions Box Set

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box Set

Pink Floyd - Discovery Box Set: Complete Studio Recordings

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set

Jimi Hendrix - Winterland

Paul McCartney - McCartney Archive Edition

Paul McCartney - McCartney II Archive Edition

The Hollies - Clarke, Hicks and Nash Years

Vintage Christmas: Mego Planet of the Apes TV ad

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Vintage comic book Christmas ad: Revell Raceway


Pop Culture gift guide: DVDs of note 2011

Click the links to order discounted items from Amazon:

Paul McCartney: The Love We Make

Six Million Dollar Man Season One

Super 8

Doctor Who Season Six 

The Sarah Jane Adventures Season Four

It Takes a Thief Complete Series

Harry Potter: The Complete Collection

Mr. Magoo: The Television Collection

The King of Cool: Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show

The Jean Harlow Collection

The Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Shows

Batman Year One

Green Lantern

Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years

The Herculoids Compete Series


X-Men First Class

Kiss Me Deadly Criterion Edition

Stanley Kubrick the Essential Collection

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection

All-Star Superman

The Flash: Complete Series

Robinson Crusoe on Mars Criterion Edition

Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Complete Series

New comics and other items shipping Dec. 7, 2011

Things I'll buy:

Action Comics #4

Amazing Spider-Man #675

Johnny Hazard the Newspaper Dailies 1944-46

The Phantom: The Complete Series - The Gold Key Years

Other items of note:

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus - paperback edition

Classic Marvel Characters statue: Iron Man

Superboy: Smallville Attacks

Superman: Secret Origin

Captain Canuck Complete Edition

Star Trek Classics: The Gorn Crisis

Nick Fury vs. Shield

Spider-Man Through the Decades

X-Statix Omnibus

Vintage Christmas: Six Million Dollar Man TV toy ad

Monday, December 05, 2011

Vintage Christmas comic book ad: Schwinn bikes


Vintage Christmas comic book ads: Red Ryder Cowboy Carbine



Vintage Christmas: Star Wars wishbook images

Vintage Christmas: G.I. Joe Adventure Team HQ ad

Music new releases Dec. 6, 2011

The Black Keys - El Camino

Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio

Fred Wesley and the JBs - The Lost Album (featuring Watermelon Man)

Various Artists - The Original Sound of Cumbia

The Cramps - File Under Sacred: The Early Singles 1978-81

Wayne Shorter - Complete Columbia Albums Collection

Various Artists - The Jewel/Paula Soul Story

Vintage Christmas: Big Jim TV toy ad

DVD new releases Dec. 6, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

The Simpsons 14th Season

Big Love Complete Fifth Season

Dragon Tattoo Trilogy Extended Edition

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Mission Impossible Gift Set

Sara Jane Adventures Fourth Season

The Lady Vanishes Criterion Edition Blu-Ray


Lucy Show Fifth Season

Paul McCartney: The Love We Make

Design for Living Criterion Edition

Looney Tunes Show Vol. 2

Bobby Fishcher Against the World

Christmas songs: Wizzard - I Wish it Could Christmas Everyday