Friday, November 02, 2012

New Hobbit character posters

Vintage 1960s DC Comics house ads

Vintage DC Comics house ads

Pop culture roundup: Sherlock and the dinosaurs; smoking Dalek; Kirby's Losers; Bond on Bond!; Paul McCartney 007

Here's a wild tale involving Sherlock Holmes' creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Houdini and some dinsosaurs.


Via Boing Boing, a Dalek tobacco ad!


Nick Caputo looks at the real-life elements of Jack Kirby's 1970s war comic, "The Losers."


Roger Moore on the differences between playing James Bond in the 1970s compared to now:

‘There was no diet or fitness regime established by the actors who had played Bond before, or not that I know of. It was suggested it wouldn’t hurt if I lost a little weight, and they thought my hair was a bit poofy woofy.


Speaking of James Bond, check out Paul McCartney's Aston Martin DB5, just sold at auction for £307,500. Interesting: If Paul bought this in early 1964, it means he was driving an Aston Martin before 007 was, as "Goldfinger" only came out in September of that year.

This is the only Aston Martin I'll ever own:

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon: Original Jim Bowie and Boys' Ranch art

Paperback parade: Vintage Erle Stanley Gardner - Perry Mason paperback covers

Thursday, November 01, 2012

BBC radio this week: Stream comedy, drama, music documentaries

Click the links to stream the following shows.

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour - documentary.

The Casbah - Pete Best narrates a history of his family's club, where the early Beatles played. 

Laurel Canyon - music documentary narrated by Mickey Dolenz.

Petula Clark - portrait of the singer.

Dick Barton, Special Agent: The Paris Adventure - drama

Doctor Who - sci-fi drama.

Eric Ambler: Journey in Fear - suspense drama.

The Goon Show - comedy.

Philip K. Dick: Of Withered Apples - sci-fi drama.

Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Veiled Lodger - mystery drama.

The Record Producers: Mickey Most - music documentary.

Ringo for President!

Third-party write-in candidate?

During the height of Beatlemania in 1964, there was a borderline serious effort to draft Ringo Starr for president. There were buttons, t-shirts, rallies and even a novelty song recorded in two hit versions: One by Australian entertainer Rolf Harris (famous for "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"), the other by a studio group called the Young World Singers.

The campaign even earned a mention in Theodore H. White's best-selling book, "The Making of the President 1964."

I can think of worse choices.