Friday, June 07, 2013

Pop culture roundup: Led Zeppelin and PJ Proby! Rutles reunion! Superman shaves! Giant Hulk statue!

Dangrous Minds checks out the album Led Zeppelin recorded before their 1969 debut LP, as backing
group for singer P.J. Proby.


Best spoof band ever, the Rutles are reuniting "for the last time" for a British show this August. The first Rutles album is one of my all-time favorite LPs. Got it on vinyl in 1978!


How does Superman shave? Gillette poses the question to Bill Nye, the Myth Buster guys and others in a "Man of Steel" ad tie-in. But every pop culture fans knows the answer is "heat vision."


A Chicago-area library has failed to hit a goal to raise funds to expand its graphic novel collection and purchase a giant Hulk statue, but is getting the statue, anyway.
On April 26, the Northlake Library began an effort to raise $30,000. The funds would go toward a nine-foot tall statue of comic character The Hulk, equipment to create comics and more graphic novels.

With four days left, the library has raised $3,705. The statue alone would cost $7,000 or $8,000.
Then last Friday, May 31, the library got a call from Steve Williams, the owner of L.A. Boxing in Orange City, California.

“I had (a Hulk statue) for the last five years,” Williams said. “I was looking to sell it to a collector who had an interest in a giant superhero.”

New and upcoming pop culture books: Superman; Doctor Who; Silver Age of DC Comics; Disney; Beach Boys; Sherlock; Nilsson; LEGO; Al Feldstein, more!

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