Friday, November 25, 2016

Pop Artifact: Vintage Spider-Man scooter toy

Via Hake's Auctions:

New Music Friday: Ron Dante; Slim Gaillard, Prince

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Pop Culture Roundup: Disneyland; Batman; Tintin; Ms. Marvel; Mark Hamill

Yes! The great Davelandblog presents vintage pics of Disneyland's Adventure Land tree house from when it belonged to the Swiss Family Robinson, not Tarzan, who took ownership of it following Disney's animated adaptation of his story. This is how the place looked when I saw it as a kid.


Lego is coming out with some zany mini-figures in conjunction with its upcoming "The LEGO Batman  Movie," which takes its cues from the 1960s TV series.


Via Kid Robson: Batman book covers from the British "World Adventure Library" series.


A page of original art from the Tintin album "Explorers on the Moon" sold for a record $1.6 million last weekend.


Cult fave superheroine Ms. Marvel is getting her own Lego mini-figure.


"Star Wars" actor Mark Hamill has launched a YouTube show - Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest (I guess Pop Culture Safari was taken! Ha!) - focused on collecting.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Marvel Comics bringing back "corner boxes" to select comics in February

Marvel is bringing back the "corner boxes" featured on the covers of its newstand-era comics on select titles in February. The boxes will feature art by veteran artist Joe Jusko.

Back in the spinner rack days, these boxes - which feature a small picture of the comic's title character - were helpful in finding issues you wanted. They looked like this:

But now that most comics are sold in specialty shops with the entire cover displayed, they have only nostalgic value. You can see a whole blog featuring them here.

Here's a look at some of Jusko's new corner box designs: