Friday, March 03, 2017

New Music March 3, 2017: Ann-Margaret; Sleaford; Temples; Monkees; Rascals; Grandaddy

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Ann-Margret / The Definitive Collection

Sleaford Mods / English Tapas

The Temples / Volcano

The Monkees / Head Alternate

The Rascals / The Complete Singles A's & B's

Grandaddy / Last Place

Pop Culture Roundup: Shazam; Batcave; Art Adams; Peanuts

Via Slay, Monstrobot: A nearly 40-year-old Captain Marvel story speaks to today.


Factory Entertainment is asking for fan feedback on this awesome, expensive ($699!) replica of TV's Batcave, which it plans to put into production. My feedback: Awesome, too expensive.


Via Diversions of the Groovy Kind: Modern master Art Adams re-draws Silver Age comics covers.

What a bunch of sell-outs! Go Retro takes a look at the Peanuts' history in advertising.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Cool! G.I. Joe "Super Joe" Commander

I like this Adventure Team-style figure available via Hasbro's G.I. Joe Club Store. Brings me back to my 1970s youth.


This is a 12” figure homage to the short lived 8” Super Joe figures from the late 1970s! This SUPER-articulated figure comes dressed in his classic black uniform with insignia, yellow piping and tall black pull-on boots! His hair and beard are flocked (unlike the original 8” figures molded beard) and he comes with an “Ion Emitter” and “Plasma Rifle” presented in the classic SUPER JOE color scheme. Also included is an enemy Beast mutated by Terron Industries! Mini comic included! Quantities are SUPER limited!

Meanwhile, 50 years ago ...

See new mags for March 1967 at Pop '67!


Vintage pic: Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who